About Us

Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. is a computer systems integrator, experienced in mutli-user, mission-critical systems.

Our development center is located in Northern Virginia. It is complete with a data center, development platforms, developer environments and developer library.

Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. owns and operates all of it's systems at it's 3,000 sq. ft. Northern VA headquarters.

Our network is connected via fiber directly to CenturyLink (Qwest), a Tier 1 provider. This eliminates any 3rd party ISP, increases security and allows us to provide very fast and reliable network response. All protected by CheckPoint Firewall.

We host and maintain our own DNS, Web servers, Email servers, Database servers, Telephony servers and telephone infrastructure. All systems run on Sun Microsystems Solaris Sparc hardware. This combination allows us maximum flexibility, reliability and security.

All software is proprietary and developed in-house. Automation is engine based with database flow control. This allows for customization modules, rapid deployment, restartability and reliability. Systems are primarily developed in 'C' and Java.

Hi-Tech Solutons, Inc. is a CenturyLink (Qwest) wholesale reseller of long distance services. Our telephony DSP platforms are directly connected via broadband OC3 fiber to DMS250 switches. This connectivity provides us with 2000 ports, ISDN digitally switched voice/fax capability.

Est. November, 1991 - Incorp. Virginia May, 14 1996

Mission Statement
To leverage our extensive knowledge and skills to consistently provide our clients with sound solutions through technology and to utilize the most reliable hardware, operating system, software, database and toolsets in delivering those solutions.