AWS Cloud Consulting Services

As an Amazon Web Services Partner, we provide professional cloud development and cloud migration services for companies and projects of any size.

We can help you utilize the cloud to save on IT costs and overhead. Critical systems can take advantage of the cloud's backup and redundant services. We can show you how to leverage AWS cloud tools for your business.

Contact us with your cloud project requirements. Take advantage of our $55/hr special introductory rate!

Software Development Services

Our software develement team has the tools and knowledge to provide the best solutions. We are dedicated at providing a simple yet robust solution.

We excel at creating powerful database systems, automation systems, and scalable solutions. Our expertise is with Linix/Unix, Java, Oracle, Pro-C, C, MySQL, web services, and AWS cloud solutions.

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Telephony Services

Many of our products are web based, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions we have developed for our clients. Our solutions have been for customers in pharmaceuticals, health care, collections, political, cable TV, transcriptions, manufacturing, marketing, mortgage, media, restaurant, etc.

We are able to provide our clients with hosted web access, custom data and custom telephony applications as an outsource or cloud solution. We operate with no branding and transparently to the end user.

When companies analyze the costs involved with building the infrastructure necessary to provide in-house systems and the expense of the technical expertise required to keep these systems running for many years - they realize outsourcing is the answer.

Our expertise in the telephony industry allows us to rapidly deploy complex interactive systems. Since we have written our systems specifically for the outsource business - we can turn a project much faster than our competitors.

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